Survival Skills To Beat The Odds

It’s taken a global pandemic to make us realize we’re heavily reliant on governments to keep society moving. Across the globe, nations have been handing out money to citizens, quite the opposite of in normal times when taxes are collected to fund services.

In these incredibly unusual times, there’s a different objective – keep everyone alive and keep the economies of the world hobbling along, because we’ve created a planet where money really does make the world go around. And right now, money is coming very close to being worthless.

It sounds a little over dramatized doesn’t it? Think about it.

In the first stages of the pandemic, toilet tissue became hard to get hold of. Normally such an easily accessible consumable item, and suddenly it wasn’t stacked high in the grocery stores. If there was ever a sign of how susceptible we are to the balance tipping towards demand and away from supply, that was it.

Before you get the impression that we’re all about scare stories and worst case scenarios here, we’re not. We’re about being ready.

While we do talk about things like natural disasters and societal or economic collapse, it’s in the context of how to be ready in those worst cases, so you don’t need to fear them at all.

It’s not all about building bunkers in your back yard, or having a secret stash of supplies rivalling the local store either, although we’re not knocking people who do that sort of thing to a sensible degree.

There’s a ton of things you can do to make yourself more resilient in life, and that starts with simple things like moving away from living from paycheck to paycheck, thinking a little further into the future, and overcoming the temptation of instant gratification when you see that latest iPhone.

Of course, having a great phone is allowed, but buying everything the day it comes out, or using credit cards to fund daily life is a dangerous habit to allow to become the norm.

Being prepared is, for many people, a shift in the way they think, and once it clicks, it can be quite humorous to look back and see how you did things in your ‘old’ life. Where we’re heading is a very exciting place, somewhere that you boss has less control over you because there’s no longer a financial dependence on the next pay check. It might even mean you can be your own boss, if that’s something that appeals to you.

However you see your perfect future, a few simple steps today might be the hardest steps you take on your journey.

Let’s get started, shall we?